Region 5
Pacific Southwest Region
California, Hawaii, Guam, and Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands
1323 Club Drive, Vallejo, CA 94592-1110
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PT)
Phone: 707-562-8737; Fax: 707-562-9130
E-mail: Mailroom
RANDY MOORE Regional Forester 707-562-9000
Barnie Gyant Deputy Regional Forester for Natural Resources 707-562-9000
Jeanne Wade Evans Deputy Regional Forester for State and Private Forestry 707-562-9000
Jennifer Eberlien Deputy Regional Forester for Operations 707-562-9000
Roseanna Wary Special Assistant to Regional Forester 707-562-9000
Wade McMaster Tribal Relations Program Manager 707-562-8919
Marty Dumpis Regional Foresterís Liaison in Southern California 916-498-5323
VACANT Regional Foresterís Liaison in Sacramento 916-498-5324
Jodi Chew Regional Forester's Pacific Island Liaison 808-536-9436
737 Bishop Street, Suite 2340, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Amanda Cundiff Partnership Coordinator 707-562-9007
Jeffrey Bradshaw Regional Health and Safety Manager 707-562-8748
Office of the General Counsel
33 New Montgomery Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94105-4511
Phone: 415-744-3011; Fax: 415-744-3170
JEFF MOULTON Regional Attorney 415-744-3166
Maria Giatrakis Attorney 415-744-3163
Larry Hom Attorney 415-744-3165
Rose Miksovsky Attorney 415-744-3158
Joshua Rider Attorney 415-744-2744
Jamie Rosen Attorney 415-744-2743
Marissa Suarez Attorney 415-744-3172
Ritu Ahuja Attorney 415-744-3161
Rachel Birkey Attorney 415-744-0129
Marnie Ganotis Attorney 415-744-3852
Kerri Bandics Attorney 415-744-2745
Civil Rights
RICKY BALOLONG Director 707-562-8752
Lois Lawson Deputy Director 707-562-9185
Gwendolyn Bryant Federal Women's Program 707-562-8730
VACANT CR Annual Training Coordinator
Annette Delos-Santos Regional Outreach Program Coordinator 707-562-8738
VACANT Hispanic Employment Program Manager
VACANT Asian/Pacific American Program Manager
Markette Drone Conflict Management & Prevention Program Manager 707-562-8993
VACANT Sexual Harassment Inquiry Coordinator (SHIC)
VACANT American Indian/Alaskan Native Program 707-562-9203
VACANT Management Analyst
Kathie Lacy-Storost Disability Employment/Reasonable Accommodation Program Manager 707-562-8751
Vacant African American Employment Program Manager 707-562-9161
Vacant Formal Complaints Program Manager
Acquisition Management
PIERCE TUCKER Director 707-562-8909
Alfort Belin Deputy Director 707-562-9107
VACANT Administrative Support Assistant 707-562-8808
M. Renee Jewell Commercial Services Program Manager 707-562-8820
VACANT Procurement Program Manager 707-562-9107
Deborah Devaull Purchasing Agent 707-562-8784
Deborah Wendel Purchasing Agent 916-640-1251
VACANT Purchasing Agent 530-226-2702
Cree Prevost Procurement Assistant 707-562-8897
Incident Procurement
Vacant Supervisory Incident Contracting Officer 916-640-1064
Steven Teves Contract Specialist 916-640-1057
Rebecca Bowles Purchasing Agent 530-226-2703
Terry Mitchell Procurement Technician 530-226-2415
Vicki Jordan Purchasing Agent 909-930-3209
Grants & Agreements
Connie Zipperer Grants & Agreements Program Manager 707-562-9109
Lynne Sholty Grants Management Specialist 406-329-3843
Monica Irvin Grants Management Specialist 707-562-8816
Gerri Bordash Grants Management Specialist 707-562-8782
Lynne Evans Grants Management Assistant 707-562-9108
Asset Management
VACANT Asset Management Program Manager 707-562-8905
VACANT Realty Specialist 707-562-8907
Judy Reddin Realty Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4834
Ramon Lopez Realty Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4836
VACANT Realty Specialist 530-226-2417
Penny Beale Property Management Specialist (PMO-RO) 707-562-8905
Benny Perez Real Property Management Specialist 707-562-8712
Cynthia Sanderson FEPP Property Management Specialist 707-562-8831
VACANT Property Management Technician 707-562-8893
VACANT Printing Program Manager 707-562-9207
VACANT Printshop Manager 707-562-8707
VACANT Procurement Technician 707-562-8903
Stephen Branch Supply Technician 707-562-8706
Suzy Cameron Mail/Supply Technician 707-562-8709
Northern California Service Area AQM
(Klamath, Modoc, Shasta-Trinity, Lassen, Six Rivers, Mendocino)
CENTRAL NOW Contract Specialist 530-252-6407
Pamela Vilhauer Contract Specialist 530-226-2454
Marilyn Ladd Contract Specialist 530-226-2451
Diane Morris Contract Specialist 530-226-2447
Katherine Pasini Contract Specialist 530-252-6621
Lara Newburn Contract Specialist 530-226-2453
Sandra Vincent Contract Specialist 530-226-2446
Vacant Procurement Technician 530-841-4409
Paula Darting Purchasing Agent 530-226-2448
Sue Ray Purchasing Agent 707-441-3668
Irene Quintana Purchasing Agent 530-226-2446
Margaret Forrest Purchasing Agent 530-233-8756
Sarajo Pyle Purchasing Agent 530-252-6623
Gerri Laplander Procurement Technician 530-252-6462
Michell Guiterrez Procurement Technician 530-252-6673
Joanne Gade Procurement Technician 530-226-2450
Vacant Procurement Technician 530-841-4411
CENTRAL NOW Grant Management Specialist 530-226-2303
Janet Boomgargen Grant Management Specialist 707-441-3556
Sherece Hanger Grant Management Assistant 530-226-2307
Monica Irvin Grant Management Assistant 530-233-5811
Asmaa Ali Grants Management Specialist 530-226-2418
Sue Trotter Property Management Specialist 530-226-2449
Mary Ackley Property Management Specialist 530-252-6695
VACANT Property Management Specialist 530-226-2452
Central California Service Area AQM
(Plumas, Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Basin, Eldorado, Stanislaus, Inyo)
Don Tinsley Supervisory Contract Specialist 530-478-6121
Wendy Whiteman Contract Specialist 530-478-6142
Matthew Gagnon Contract Specialist 530-478-6826
Margaret Scott Purchasing Agent 530-478-6123
Janice Hosaka Purchasing Agent 760-873-2419
Teresa Reniff Purchasing Agent 530-283-7768
Gloria Trahey Purchasing Agent 530-543-2612
Roger Neuenkirk Purchasing Agent 530-478-6832
Robin Bryant Grant Management Specialist 530-587-3558 ext.262
Melanie Gjuinan Grant Management Specialist 303-275-5273
John Hefner Grant Management Specialist 530-478-6828
Aaron Stout Grant Management Specialist 530-478-6825
Clemente Polines Grant Management Assistant 530-478-6827
Vacant Property Management Officer 530-478-6175
Rebecca Peabody Property Management Specialist 530-478-6124
Southern California Service Area AQM
(Sierra, Sequoia, Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernadino, Cleveland)
Edmond Avakem Supervisory Service Area Leader 626-574-5225
Patrick Gallegos Contract Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4830
Shirley Collier-Crisp Contract Specialist 626-574-5305
Nancy Ruggeri Contract Specialist 559-784-1500 ext.1240
Mary Cantrell Contract Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4890
Kathleen Carvajal Lead Purchasing Agent 626-574-5337
Ilene Mora Purchasing Agent 559-297-0706 ext.4832
Linda Phipps Purchasing Agent 559-784-1500 ext.1241
Beverly Espinoza Purchasing Agent 626-574-5326
Olga Jimenez Purchasing Agent 626-574-5327
Diana Arthur Procurement Technician 626-574-5220
Ramona Robinson Grant Management Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4876
Karen McWilliams Grant Management Specialist 626-574-5221
Bonnie Harris Grant Management Specialist 626-574-5246
Teresa Porter Grant Management Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4843
Lydia Moore-Ward Grant Management Assistant 626-574-5218
Judith Reynolds Property Management Specialist 661-245-3731
Sheila Miner Property Management Specialist 559-297-0706 ext.4835
or 559-877-2218 ext.3114
Ecosystem Management
JOHN EXLINE Director 707-562-8689
Diana Craig Deputy Director 707-562-8975
VACANT Budget Analyst 707-562-8978
Linda Wrenn Sale Administration Program Leader 707-562-8693
Andrei Rykoff Timber Management Program Leader 707-562-8684
Tim Howard Regional Timber Sale Appraisal Specialist 707-562-8694
Craig Bodenhausen Regional Measurement Specialist 530-621-5220
Rick Bagnulo Timber Resources 707-562-8733
Vacant Silviculturist 707-562-8688
Tom Blush Geneticist 530-295-3022
Joe Sherlock Assnt. Regional Forest Vegetation Program Manager 707-562-8686
Tom Frolli Regional Range Program Manager 707-562-9164
Dave Weixelman Range Ecologist 530-478-6843
Greg Schroer Regional Wildlife Program Manager 707-562-8930
Holly Eddinger Regional Fisheries Program Manager 707-562-8940
VACANT Aquatic Ecology 707-562-8952
Diane Ikeda Regional Botanist 707-562-8938
Gabriel Venegas Regional Hydrologist 707-562-8968
VACANT Watershed Program Manager 707-562-8941
Hugh Safford Ecology 707-562-8934
Sarah Sawyer Assistant Regional Ecologist 707-562-8924
Jeff TenPass Soil Scientist / BAER Coordinator 707-562-8955
VACANT Wildlife Ecology 707-562-8930
Lara Buluc Sustainable Operations Coordinator 707-562-8937
Ecosystem Planning
Al Olson Director 707-562-8957 or 707-562-8823
Mary Beth Hennessy Deputy Director 707-562-8951
Laura Hierholzer Regional Environmental Coordinator 707-562-8949
Rick Stevens Regional Planner 707-562-8950
VACANT Regional Appeals and Objections and Litigation Manager 707-562-8945
Theresa Corless Regional Appeals and Objections Coordinator 707-562-8768
Deb Whitall Social Scientist 707-562-8823
VACANT Litigation and Appeals Analyst 707-562-8724
VACANT Administrative Appeals Specialist 707-562-8983
Latanga Rush FOIA Program Manager 707-562-9193
Don Yasuda Regional Analyst 916-640-1168
Vacant Operation Research Analyst
Vacant Business Mangement Assistant 707-562-8942
Sonja Lin Regional Strategic Planner 707-562-8944
Jo Ann Fites-Kaufman Ecologist, Regional Planning Team 707-562-8960
VACANT Writer-Editor, Regional Planning Team 707-562-8843
Mark Metcalfe Economist, Regional Planning Team 707-562-8848
Tyrone Kelley Regional Engineer 707-562-8841
John Heibel Deputy Director Engineering 707-562-8816
Melissa Totheroh Regional Roads Engineer 707-562-8876
Nancy Tipton Lee Regional Bridge Engineer 707-562-8862
Jon Sampson Structural Engineer, Bridges 707-562-8864
Eugene Kim Regional Architect 707-562-8865
Kameron Ishikata Architect 707-562-8866
John F McLaughlin III Mechanical Engineer 707-562-8868
Linda Keydeniers Fleet Engineer 909-929-7062
Belinda Walker Assistant Regional Environmental Engineer 909-382-2607
Steve Romero Geotech, Dams and Materials 530-226-2326
Faith Hornbek Adminstrative Support Assistant 707-562-8739
Gwen Nishida Facilities and Certification 707-562-8879
Jeff Sheahan Facilities Manager 707-562-9192
Bob A Taylor Asst Facilities Manager 707-562-8811
Dennis Geiser Regional Environmental Engineer 707-562-8729
Mike Heckendorn Regional Fleet Manager 707-562-8860
Wendy Zarbolias Supervisory Mgmt & Program Analyst 707-562-8855
Flor Biagtas Management & Program Analyst 707-562-8982
Claudine Shine Managment & Program Analyst 707-562-9017
Jerry DeGraff Regional On-Scene Coordinator 559-297-0706x4932
Brad Shipley Regional On-Scene Coordinator 530-478-6185
Dave White Fleet & Equipment Specialist 909-599-1267x226
John Sherman Transportation Management Engineer 707-562-8728
Alice Manalo Program Analyst 707-562-8683
Vacant Energy Manager 707-562-8863
Joel Little Regional Historic Architect 530-226-2329
Vacant Sustainability Operations Climate Coordinator 707-562-8860
Vacant Management & Program Analyst 707-562-xxxx
Fire and Aviation Management
VACANT DIRECTOR 707-562-8925
Chris Schrow Deputy Director 707-562-8927
Faith Hornbek Administrative Support Assistant 707-562-8789
Aviation Management
Jeff Power Assistant Director and Aviation Officer 916-640-1031
Patty Vermillion Support Services Specialist 916-640-1007
Yolanda Saldana Aviation Safety Officer 916-640-1038
Phil Ketel Helicopter Manager 916-640-1034
Dan Johnson NOPS Aviation Officer 530-226-2734
Fuels Management/Fire Ecology/Air Quality/Fire Prevention
Rob Griffith Assistant Director Analyst/Planning 707-562-8695
Jamie Tripp Fuels Manager - Operations 916-640-1119
Marva Willey Fuels Program Coordinator 707-562-8981
Neil Sugihara Fire Ecologist 916-640-1054
Trent Procter Air Program Manager 559-784-1500 Ext 1114
Robyn Woods Incident Business Management Specialist 530-206-6918
Strategic Planning
VACANT Assistant Director, Strategic Planning 707-562-8966
Jennifer Anderson Fire Mangement Specialist (Fuels Planning) 530-841-4434
Elizabeth Wright Regional Fire Planner 619-445-6235 ext. 3429
VACANT Regional Fire Planner 530-841-4469
VACANT Data Service Specialist (GIS) 916-640-1209
James Whiteside FAM Senior Service Technology Project Specialist 916-640-1022
Christine Haupt Technology Project Specialist 916-640-1079
Cameron Dupriest Information Technical Specialist (INET) 916-640-1056
VACANT Program Analyst/Budget 209-532-3671 Ext 245
Jay Miller Remote Sensing Specialist 916-640-1063
VACANT GIS Coordinator 916-640-1049
Aaron Bilyeu Natural Resource Planning Specialist 530-642-5026
Michael Laxo IT Specialist (Systems Administration) 916-640-1016
Jennifer Anderson Fire Mangment Specialist (Fuels Planning) 707-562-9151
Kevin Pereira Student Technology Specialist 916-640-1012
Workforce Development and Fire Training
Sharon Allenbrick Assistant Director, Regional Fire Training Officer 916-640-1052
Vacant Training Officer, NOPS 530-226-2719
Anna Dinkel Training Officer, SOPS 951-320-6146
Vacant Wildland Fire Training Center Manager, McClellan 916-640-1109
Julie Buel Training Specialist 916-640-1056
VACANT Training Technician 916-640-1005
VACANT Business Management Assistant 916-640-1003
Mark Hayes Facilities Manager 916-640-1045
Jeff Brown Facilities Assistant 916-640-1037
Matt Andrews Customer Service Representative/Training (McClellan WFTC) 916-640-1005
††† Eric Rusch Training Technician 530-478-9745
††† Eric Newell Region 5 Apprentice Program Manager 916-640-1147
††† Vacant Training Specialist, Primary Leadery Academy
††† Vacant Program Support Specialist
Cooperative Fire Program
Trudie Mahoney Assistant Director, Cooperative Fire Program 707-562-9184
Mark Courson Cooperative Fire Assistant 707-562-9219
Wendy Yun Business Management Specialist 707-562-8928
Northern California Operations Coordination Center (NOPS), Redding, CA 530-226-2801
FAX 530-226-2742
Paige Boyer Assistant Director, Operations NOPS 530-226-2700
Anthony Masovero GACC Manager 530-226-2812
Curt Stanley Deputy GACC Manager 530-226-2835
Cathy Johnson Intelligence Coordinator 530-226-2810
VACANT Intelligence Officer 530-226-2811
Laurie Forni Mobilization Coordinator 530-226-2839
Mark Garland NOPS Fire Cache Manager 530-226-2851
Sean Phelen NOPS Fire Cache Assistant Manager 530-226-2856
Josh Mathiesen Smokejumpers Supervisor 530-226-2889
Dan Mallia Hotshot Superintendent 530-226-2721
Charles Barber Hotshot Captain 530-226-2722
Teresa Detrick Hotshot Captain 530-238-2812
Southern California Operations Coordination Center (SOPS), Riverside, CA 951-276-6721
FAX 909-947-6391
RandySkelton Assistant Fire Director, Operatons Southern CA 951-320-6103
Pamela Greenwood GACC Manager 951-320-6214
Elizabeth Barrera Deputy GACC Manager 951-320-6109
Bruce Risher Intelligence Coordinator 951-320-6107
Beth Mason Mobilization Coordinator 951-782-4169
Vincent Cohee Intelligence Officer 951-320-6250
Brandell Patterson Aviation Coordinator 951-321-1879
SOPS Fire Cache Manager 909-930-3206
Joseph Brugger SOPS Fire Cache Assistant Manager 909-930-3208
Incident Business Administration
Yolie Thomas Assistant Director, Incident Administration 707-562-8835
Susan Zahn Contract & Logistics Specialist (McClellan/San Bernardino) 909-382-2786
Vacant Contract Operations Assistant
Vacant Supervisory Incident Business Specialist
Kris Armstrong Incident Business Specialist (Vallejo) 707-562-8926
Amy Lee Incident Business Specialist (Central Operations) 619-445-6235
Karen Bauman Incident Business Specialist (Southern Operations) 661-269-2808
Rachel Esquivel Incident Business Specialist (Northern Operations) 707-441-3522
Robyn Woods Incident Business Specialist (Coop Agreements) 209-295-5972
Vacant Supervisory Admin Specialist (AO) Vallejo
Vacant Incident Business Analysist
Florencia Calima Support Services Specialist (Ontario) 909-930-3278
Tamara Hoover Harris Office Automation Clerk (Ontario) 909-930-3268
Vacant Support Services Specialist (Vallejo)
Pete Duncan Regional Fire Operations Risk Management Officer 530-394-8100
Workforce Development and Fire Training
VACANT Assistant Director, Regional Fire Training Officer 916-640-1052
VACANT Training Officer, NOPS 530-226-2719
Anna Dinkel Training Officer, SOPS 951-320-6146
JesseRoach Wildland Fire Training Center Manager, McClellan 916-640-1109
Buel Training Specialist 916-640-1066
Vacant Training Technician 916-640-1005
Mark Hayes Facilities Manager 916-640-1045
Jeff Brown Facilities Assistant 916-640-1037
Matt Andrews Customer Service Representative/McClellan Business Center 916-640-1005
Eric Rusch Training Technician 530-478-9745
Erik Newell Region 5 Apprentice Program Manager 916-640-1147
Vacant Training Specialist, Primary Leadery Academy 916-640-
Vacant Program Support Specialist/McClellan 916-640-
Human Resources
Sophia Chapman Human Resources Officer 707-562-8736
Karen Voorwinden Supv HR Specialist, Employee Relations, North Team 707-562-9112
Christie Porter Supv HR Specialist, Placement Branch SupervisorStaffing Branch Chief 707-562-8685
Donna Oglethorpe Supv HR Specialist, Intake Branch SupervisorClassification Branch Chief / Recruitment & Placement Regional Office 707-562-8778
Nelson Bonilla Supv HR Specialist, Classification 707-562-9101
Ian Rinehart Admin Support Assistant 707-562-9206
Law Enforcement and Investigations
Hoang, Don SAC 707-562-9125
Delbon, Kent ASAC - South Zone 707-562-8649
Rita Plair-Wears RPC-SZ 909-599-1267x246
Pete Jordan ASAC - North Zone 707-562-9155
Vacant RPC-NZ 707-562-8647
Acting Debbie McKelvy LEA - North Zone Agents 530-934-1194
Debby Gabriel Budget Analyst 707-562-8645
Heather Rivera AA - North Zone Patrol 707-562-8646
Jennie Shirley Staff Asst 707-562-9128
Gregory Walker AA - South Zone Agents 707-562-9127
Information Management
JAYNE HANDLEY Director 707-562-9019
Vacant Geospatial Services Group Leader 707-562-8883
Vacant Lead Cartographer 707-562-8885
Vacant Cartographic Technician 707-562-8892
Dave Watkins Regional GIS Coordinator/Database Administrator 707-562-8933
Erica Schachtell Resource Information Specialist 707-562-8723
Brian Moran Cartographer 707-562-8884
Daniel Spring Cartographer 707-562-8870
Virginia Emly Geospatial Data Manger 707-562-9106
Michael Willis IT Group Leader Digital Technology and Products Group Lead 707-562-8850
Robert Knopp IT Specialist 707-562-8719
Christine Trillo* RO FS Web Manager 916-640-1256
William Williams RO Web Manager (WWW) 707-562-9005
Tim Lindemann National Applications Group Leader 707-562-9175
Cherie Klein FACTS & Infra - Database Specialist 559-338-2251 x371
Ahmed Rhuma Data Base Specialist 707-562-9102
Carlos Ramirez* Vegetation Inventory & Mapping Group Leader 916-640-1275
Vacant* Project Leader/Inventory
Hazel Gordon* Ecologist 916-640-1257 
Kama Kennedy* Assistant Lead Inventory Forester 916-454-0804
Vacant* Remote Sensing Program Specialist
Monica Johnson Program Support Assistant  707-562-8899
Jeff Watson CIO Client Liaison 707-562-8988
* 3237 Peacekeeper Way, Suite 209, McClellan, CA 95652 Fax: 916-640-1292
Program Development, Budget & Accountability
VACANT Director 707-562-9028
Gustavo Macias Supervisory Budget Analyst 707-562-8827
Tana Fuhrman Senior Budget Analyst 707-562-8839
Lance Mathyssen Budget Analyst 707-562-9018
Leila Devine Budget Analyst 707-562-8795
Carmen Roberts Budget Analyst 707-562-8792
Joseph Klucarich Regional Directives Manager 707-562-8825
Kenny Lucien Management & Program Analyst 707-562-8787
Public Affairs and Communications
VACANT Director 707-562-9016
Ray Mooney Deputy Director 707-562-8995
VACANT Media Relations 707-562-9004
Brenda Kendrix Public Affairs Specialist 707-562-9011
Stephanie Gomes Public Affairs Specialist (Legislation) 707-562-9009
Paul Wade Public Affairs Specialist 707-562-9010
Steve Dunsky Audio Visual Manager 707-562-8680
Ann Dunsky Audio Visual Specialist 707-562-8681
Denise Adamic Public Affairs Specialist 808-292-1832
Mario Chocooj Public Affairs Specialist (Publishing) 707-562-9190
Stanton Florea Public Affairs Specialist (Fire) 707-562-9014
Jeffrey DeSalles Administrative Assistant 707-562-9182
Public Services
Jim Bacon Director 707-562-8856
Vacant Deputy Director 707-562-8658
Beth Boyst Pacific Crest Trail Program Leader 707-562-8881
Tiffany Boyce Program Development & Budget 707-562-8842
Susan Stratton Regional Heritage Program Manager 707-562-8854
Trini Juarez Landscape Architect - Recreation Planner 707-562-8844
Rosena McAuliffe Review Appraiser, Redding 530-226-2500
Shiretta Millender Realty Specialist 707-562-8677
Leslie Morefield Realty Specialist, Team Leader North Zone, LTBMU 530-543-2666
Vacant Program Analyst 707-562-8860
Debbie Gaynor Special Uses Program Manager 707-562-8842
Tim Williams Conservation Education Coordinator, Interpretive Services Coordinator, Special Area Coordinator 707-562-8838
Christina Boston Wilderness & Wild & Scenic Rivers Program Leader 707-562-8837
Kim Brower Regional Appraiser 858-674-2965
Bueno, Anita Landscape Architect 707-562-8873
Greg Connick Cost Share/Right of Way Specialist 916-930-3995
Nancy Fleenor Supervisory Land Use Specialist 707-562-8971
Margaret Wood Special Uses Specialist 760-873-2515
Janice Gordon Realty Specialist, Eldorado 530-621-5266
Schott, Rob Senior Review Appraiser 707-562-8698
Sandra Lew Lands Specialist, Cleveland 858-674-2924
Garrett Villanueva Regional Program Manager Trails Motorized Recreation & Travel Management Planning 530-543-2762
Norm Noyes Realty Specialist Team Leader, Cleveland 858-674-2922 707-562-8961
Lucretia Robinson Administrative Support Assistant 707-562-8895
Dennis Smith Regional RHAT Fisheries Biologist 707-562-9176
Kathy Valenzuela Lands & Realty Forester, Shasta-Trinity 530-226-2343
Price, Nathan Regional Surveyor/Boundry Program Manager 707-562-8963
Kathy Mick Program Manager, Volunteers & Service Program 707-562-8859
Togan Capozza Wilderness/PCT Program Assistant 707-562-8765
Baker Holden Regional RHAT Fisheries Biologist 707-562-9109
State and Private Forestry
SHERRY HAZELHURST Director 707-562-8920
Chris Fischer Deputy Director 707-562-8921
Dave Bakke Regional Pesticide Specialist/Invasive Plants Program Manager 707-562-8916
Phil Cannon Regional Plant Pathologist 707-562-8913
Miranda Hutten Urban and Community Forestry Program Manager 707-562-9025
Paula Randler Forest Legasy/Stewardship Program Manager 707-562-8910
Katy Miessner Grants Management Assistant/ Cooperative Fire Grants Prog Specialist 707-562-8764
Cheryl Pescio Office Automation Assistant 707-562-8986
Beverly Smith Grants Manager 707-562-8912
Sheri Smith Regional Entomologist/Program Manager 530-252-6667
Larry Swan Biomass Coordinator 707-562-8917
Kathleen Friday* Cooperative Forester 808-854-2620
*Co-located with PSW Research Station, 60 Nowelo Street, Hilo, HI 96720
Jason Ko Ecosystems Services & Climate Change Program Leader 707-562-8917
State and Private Forestry, Forest Health Monitoring Group
1731 Research Park Drive, Davis, CA 95618 Fax: 530-756-4324
Jeffrey W. Moore Foest Health Program manager 530-759-1753
Vacant Aerial Survey Program Manager 530-759-1751
Vacant Aerial Survey Specialist 530-759-1754
Adam Ellis GIS Analyst 707-562-9168
701 North Santa Anita Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91006-2725
Phone: 626-574-1613; Fax: 626-821-6777
E-mail: Mailroom R5
JEFFREY VAIL Forest Supervisor  626-574-5216
Daniel A. Lovato Deputy Forest Supervisor 626-574-5217
Robert J. Garcia Fire Management Officer 626-574-5233
Ricardo Lopez Acting Engineering Officer 626-574-5292
Sherry Rollman Public Affairs Officer 626-574-5205
Julie Uyehara Resource Officer 626-574-5258
Justin Seastrand Acting Rec/Lands Officer 626-574-5276
Ronald Ashdale Safety Officer 626-821-6722
Vacant Patrol Captain 626-574-5355
Ranger Districts
Los Angeles River
12371 North Little Tujunga Road, San Fernando, CA 91342-6303
Wilburn M. Blount Acting District Ranger 818-899-1900
San Gabriel River
110 North Wabash Avenue, Glendora, CA 91741-2610
Matthew Bokach District Ranger 626-335-1251 ext 250
Santa Clara/Mojave Rivers
33708 Crown Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510
Erick Stemmerman Acting District Ranger 661-296-9710
Emergency Communications Center
Edward Hesbol ECC Manager 661-723-8549
10845 Rancho Bernardo Road, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127-2107
Phone: 858-673-6180; Fax: 858-673-6192
E-mail: Mailroom R5
WILLIAM METZ Forest Supervisor 530-621-5205
Brian Rhodes Fire Management Officer 858-674-2980
Andrew Dziobek Engineering/Public Services Officer 858-674-2969
Gloria Silva Resource/Planning Officer 858-524-0136
Olivia Walker Public Affairs Officer 858-674-2984
Angela Danielly Administrative Officer 858-674-2917
Jerilynn Hayes Emergency Communications Center 619-557-5262
Greg Mendez Forest Safety Officer 858-674-2975
Anthony Rose Patrol Captain 530-642-5130
Josielyn Gauthier Civil Rights Officer 909-382-2668
Ranger Districts
3348 Alpine Boulevard, Alpine, CA 91901-3923
Robert Heiar District Ranger 619-445-6235
1634 Black Canyon Road, Ramona, CA 92065-1205
Chris Dowling District Ranger 760-788-0250
1147 East 6th Street, Corona, CA 91719-1616
Darrell Vance District Ranger 951-736-1811
100 Forni Road, Placerville, CA 95667-5310
Phone: 530-622-5061; Fax: 530-621-5297
E-mail: Mailroom R5
LAURENCE CRABTREE Forest Supervisor 530-621-5205
Jay Kurth Fire Management Officer 530-621-5225
Vance Warren Engineering/Recreation 530-621-5253
Jennifer Chapman Public Affairs Officer 530-621-5268
Michelle Havens Natural Resources Officer 530-621-5218
Sandra Campbell Civil Rights Officer 530-621-5203
Mary Ann Richards Chief Financial Officer 530-621-5277
Frank Aguilar Patrol Captain 530-642-5130
Ranger Districts
26820 Silver Drive, Pioneer, CA 95666-9630
Rick Hopson District Ranger 209-295-4251
7600 Wentworth Springs Road, Georgetown, CA 95634-9520
Patricia Trimble District Ranger 530-333-4312
7887 Highway 50, Pollock Pines, CA 95726-9110
Richard Thornburgh District Ranger 530-647-5410
4260 Eight Mile Road, Camino, CA 95709-9583
Duane Nelson District Ranger 530-644-2324
Placerville Nursery
2375 Fruitridge Road, Camino, CA 95709-9714
Gary Cline Nursery Manager 530-642-5025
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 200, Bishop, CA 93514-3101
Phone: 760-873-2400; Fax: 760-873-2458
E-mail: Mailroom R5
EDWARD E. ARMENTA Forest Supervisor 760-873-2550
Julie Hall Administrative Officer 760-873-2470
Todd Ellsworth Acting Resource Staff Officer 760-873-2404
Diana Pietrasanta Recreation Staff Officer 760-873-2515
Olin Beall Engineering Staff Officer 760-873-2487
Jeff Iler (Acting) Interagency Fire Management Officer 760-873-2507
Christopher Moore Civil Rights Officer 760-873-2477
Deb Schweizer Public Affairs Officer 760-873-2427
Susan Morrow Budget Officer 760-873-2520
Rich Watt Patrol Captain 760-873-2520
Ranger Districts
Mono Lake
P. O. Box 429,Lee Vining, CA 93541-0429 760-647-3033
Sarah Tomsky Deputy District Ranger Fax: 760-647-3027
2500 Highway 203, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546-0148 760-647-5553
Jon Regelbrugge District Ranger Fax: 760-924-5537
White Mountain
798 North Main Street, Bishop, CA 93514-2428 760-873-2515
Margaret Wood District Ranger Fax: 760-873-2563
Mt. Whitney
640 South Main Street, Lone Pine, CA 93545-0008 760-876-6227
Cameron Seals Deputy District Ranger Fax: 760-876-6202
1711 South Main Street, Yreka, CA 96097-9518
Phone: 530-842-6131; Fax: 530-841-4571
E-mail: Mailroom R5
PATRICIA GRANTHAM Forest Supervisor 530-841-4502
Christine Frisbee Deputy Forest Supervisor 530-841-4501
Terrie Sabato Executive Secretary 530-841-4500
Donna Harloff Public Uses Officer 530-841-4483
Dan Blessing Natural Resources Officer 530-841-4521
William Cunningham Human Resource Liaison 530-841-4482
Vacant Forest Civil Rights Officer 530-841-4489
Kerry Greene Public Affairs Officer 530-841-4485
Ken Stagg Forest Engineer 530-841-4536
Claudia Schurwanz Administration Officer 530-841-4427
Ed Guzman Fire Management Officer 530-841-4442
Ranger Districts
37805 Highway 97, Macdoel, CA 96058-9742 530-398-4391
Laura Allen District Ranger Fax: 530-398-5749
Happy Camp and Oak Knoll
P.O. Box 377, 63822 Highway 96, Happy Camp, CA 96039-0377 530-493-2243
Jeff Marszal District Ranger Fax: 530-493-1796
Salmon River and Scott River
11263 North Highway 3, Fort Jones, CA 96032-9702 530-468-5351
Dave Hays District Ranger Fax: 530-468-1290
2550 Riverside Drive, Susanville, CA 96130-4774
Phone: 530-257-2151; Mailroom Fax: 530-252-6428, FS Office Fax 530-252-6463
E-mail: Mailroom R5
DAVE HAYS Forest Supervisor 530-252-6600
Patricia Ballard Administrative Mgmt Specialist, FS Assistant, Volunteer, Youth, and Hosted Programs Manager 530-252-6602
Heather Blevins Forest Engineer 530-252-6410
Chris OíBrien Public Services Officer 530-252-6698
Steve Griffin Fire Management Officer 530-252-6630
Debra Cesmat Forest Budget Officer 530-252-6671
Quentin Perkins Administrative Ops Specialist 530-252-6694
Vacant Ecosystems Manager 530-252-6678
Vacant Forest Civil Rights Officer 530-252-6603
Joyce El Kouarti Public Affairs Officer 530-252-6604
Mike Martinez Safety Officer 530-252-6437
Mike Casey Lassen/Modoc Patrol Captain 530-252-6400
Ranger Districts
P.O. Box 767, Chester, CA 96020-0767
Kathleen G. Nelson District Ranger 530-258-2141
Eagle Lake
477-050 Eagle Lake Road, Susanville, CA 96130-9575
Ann D. Carlson District Ranger 530-257-4188
Hat Creek
P.O. Box 220, Fall River Mills, CA 96028-0220
Kit T. Mullen District Ranger 530-336-5521
Los Padres
6750 Navigator Way, Suite 150, Goleta, CA 93117
Tel: 805-968-6640; Fax: 805-961-5729
E-mail: Mailroom R5 Los
BOB BAIRD Forest Supervisor 805-961-5733
Ken Heffner Deputy Forest Supervisor 805-961-5733
Susan Shaw Ecosystem, Fuels & Prescribed Fire Staff Officer 805-961-5709
Carrie Landon Fire and Aviation Management Officer 805-961-5741
Andrew Madsen Public Affairs Officer 805-961-5759
Nancy Arkin Recreation, Lands and Engineering Officer 805-961-5734
Eleanor Molina Budget Officer 805-961-5728
Sarah LaDell Forest Administrative Operations Specialist 805-961-5776
Tony Martinez Forest Safety Officer 805-961-5717
Julissa Gonzalez Forest Civil Rights Officer 805-961-5717
Josheph (Jeff) Sadowski Patrol Captain 805-961-5708
Kristie Klose Fisheries Biologist 805-961-5745
Ranger Districts
406 South Mildred Avenue, King City, CA  93930-3423
Tim Short District Ranger 831-385-5434
Santa Lucia
1616 Carlotti Drive, Santa Maria, CA  93454-1504
Kathleen Phelps District Ranger 805-925-9538
Santa Barbara
3505 Paradise Road, Santa Barbara, CA  93105-9737
John "Pancho" Smith District Ranger 805-967-3481
1190 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA  93023-3013
Susan Exline District Ranger 805-646-4348
Mt. Pinos
34580 Lockwood Valley Road, Frazier Park, CA 93225-9498
Roy Morris District Ranger 661-245-3731
825 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, CA 95988-9783
Phone: 530-934-3316; Fax: 530-934-7360
E-mail: Mailroom R5
ANN CARLSON Forest Supervisor 530-934-1100
Ysenia Juarez (detailed) Admin Management Specialist 530-934-1101
Sandra Moore Public Affairs Officer 530-934-1137
Curtis Coots Forest Fire Management Offficer 530-934-1155
Lauren Johnson Eco/Plan Staff Officer 530-934-1165
Sandra Roak Administrative Officer 530-934-1117
Shannon Pozas Forest Engineer 530-934-1178
Vacant Forest Civil Rights Officer 530-934-1103
Natosha Mauer NCC Director 530-934-1125
Leif Kuno Safety Officer 530-934-1123
Michael Casey Patrol Captain 530-934-1261
Ranger Districts
78150 Covelo Road, Covelo, CA 95428-9775
Frank Aebly District Ranger 707-275-2361
Joe Aragon Deputy District Ranger 707-983-6118
825 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, CA 95988-9783
Eduardo Olmedo District Ranger 530-934-1250
Upper Lake
10025 Elk Mountain Road, Upper Lake, CA 95485-9500
Frank Aebly District Ranger 707-275-2361
Chico Genetic Resource and Conservation Center
2741 Cramer Lane, Chico, CA 95928-8838
Robyn Scibillo Site Manager 530-879-6626
225 W 8th Street, Alturas CA96101
Fax: 530-233-8709
E-mail: Mailroom R5
AMANDA McADAMS Forest Supervisor 530-233-8700
Gary Kedish Ecosystem Staff Officer 530-233-8830
Lance Noxon Fire Management Officer 530-233-8703
Ryan Burns Civil Rights Officer 530-233-8716
Andy Goheen Safety Officer 530-233-8711
Chris Bielecki Supervisory Civil Engineer 530-233-8850
Ken Sandusky Public Affairs Officer 530-233-8713
Susan Fisher Forest Budget Officer 530-233-8721
Vacant Tribal Relations Specialist
Lathan Sidebottom Modoc/Lassen Patrol Captain 530-598-9373
Ranger Districts
Warner Mountain
385 Wallace Street, Cedarville, CA 96104-0220 530-233-8812
Timothy Davis District Ranger Fax: 530-279-8309
Big Valley
508 South Main Street, Adin, CA 96006-0159 530-299-8410
Chris Christofferson District Ranger Fax: 530-299-8409
Devil's Garden
225 W 8th Street, Alturas CA96101 530-233-8812
Timothy Davis District Ranger Fax: 233-8809
49870 Highway 139, Tulelake, CA 96134-0369 530-667-8610
Chris Christofferson District Ranger Fax: 530-667-8609
159 Lawrence Street, P.O. Box 11500, Quincy, CA 95971-6025
Phone: 530-283-2050; Fax: 530-283-4156
E-mail: Mailroom R5
Daniel A. Lovato Forest Supervisor 530-283-7810
Barbara Drake Deputy Forest Supervisor 530-283-7810
Vacant FS Executive Assistant 530-283-7810
Nancy Francine Ecosystem Staff Officer 530-283-7754
Scott Lucas Fire Management Officer 530-283-7830
Lee Anne Schramel Taylor Public Affairs 530-283-7850
Madonna Lachman Forest Civil Rights Officer 530-283-7891
Parviz Norri Forest Engineer 530-283-7870
Vacant Safety Officer 530-283-7761
Wade McMaster Tribal Relations Officer 530-283-7795
Dave Wood Public Services & Engineering (Acting) 530-283-7772
Terry Henson Administrative Operations Specialist 530-283-7734
Naketia Hawkins Budget Officer 530-283-7571
Chris Holland Patrol Captain 530-283-7769
Ranger Districts
P.O. Box 7, Blairsden, CA 96103-0007
Sabrina Stadler District Ranger 530-836-2575
Feather River
875 Mitchell Avenue, Oroville, CA, 95965-4699
Randy Gould District Ranger 530-534-6500
Mt. Hough
39696 Highway 70, Quincy, CA 95971-6025
Micki Smith District Ranger 530-283-0555
San Bernardino
602 South Tippecanoe Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92408-2607
Phone: 909-382-2600; Fax: 909-383-5770
E-mail: Mailroom R5 San
JODY NOIRON Forest Supervisor 909-382-2710
Vacant Deputy Forest Supervisor 909-382-2603
Wendy Brimmer Executive Assistant 909-382-2604
Al Colby Public Services 909-382-2618
John Miller Public Affairs 909-382-2788
Vacant LE&I Special Agent 909-382-2699
Peter Kogler LE&I Special Agent 909-382-2901
Daniel Briot LE&I Patrol Captain 909-382-2698
Mary Debelina Engineering 909-382-2608
Vacant Civil Rights Officer 909-382-2668
Jaime Gamboa Fire and Aviation Management 909-382-2629
Mary Beth Najera Resources 909-382-2720
Dan Snow Health and Safety 909-382-2633
Ranger Districts
41397 North Shore Drive, Highway 38, Fawnskin, CA 92333-0290 909-382-2728
Marc Stamer District Ranger
Front Country
1209 Lytle Creek Road, Lytle Creek, CA 92358-9713 909-382-2860
Christine Hill District Ranger
San Jacinto
54270 Pinecrest Avenue, Idyllwild, CA 92549-0518
Arturo Delgado District Ranger 909-382-2924
1839 South Newcomb Street, Porterville, CA 93257-9353
Phone: 559-784-1500; Fax: 559-781-4744
E-mail: Mailroom R5
KEVIN B. ELLIOTT Forest Supervisor
Maureen Santos FS Assistant
Brent Skaggs Fire & Aviation Management
Jim Whitfield Ecosystem Management
Karen Miller Recreation, Minerals, & Lands
Alicia Embrey Public Affairs
Paulla Stephens Civil Rights
Maria Ulloa-Cruz Land Management Planning
Steven Ray Engineering
Edward Lacy Safety
Jeff Sadowski Patrol Captain 559-784-1500 x1591
Ranger Districts
Hume Lake
35860 East Kings Canyon Road, Dunlap, CA 93621-9704
Teresa Benson District Ranger 559-338-2251
Western Divide
32588 Highway 190, Springville, CA 93265-9726
Eric LaPrice District Ranger 559-539-2607
Kern River
105 Whitney Road, P.O. Box 9, Kernville, CA 93238
Al Watson District Ranger 760-376-3781
Vacant Deputy District Ranger
3644 Avtech Parkway, Redding, CA 96002-9241
Phone: 530-226-2500; Fax: 530-226-2470
DAVE MYERS Forest Supervisor 530-226-2529
Terri Simon-Jackson Deputy Forest Supervisor 530-226-2528
Virginia D Jones, PE Forest Engineer 530-226-2524
Kathy Roche Ecosystem Management 530-226-2420
Ben Newburn Fire and Aviation Management 530-226-2527
Brenda Tracy Public Uses Officer 530-226-2340
Francis Lindquist Equal Opportunity Manager 530-226-2367
Chad Krogstad SHF/SRF Patrol Captain 530-226-2591
Andrea Crain Public Information Officer 530-226-2494
Heitman, Mandi Administrative Officer 530-226-2523
Ben Sundal Safety Officer 530-226-2319
Nancy Henderson Executive Assistant 530-226-2522
Ranger Districts
Hayfork and Yolla Bolla
P. O. Box 159, Hayfork, CA 96041-0159 530-628-5227
Tom Hall District Ranger
Weaverville and Big Bar RD
360 Main Street, Highway 229, Weaverville, CA 96093-1190 530-628-2121
Tina Lynsky District Ranger
NRA/Shasta Lake
14225 Holiday Road, Shasta Lake, CA 96019
Leslie Yen District Ranger 530-275-1587
Mt. Shasta and McCloud RD
204 West Alma, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067-2204
Carolyn Napper District Ranger 530-926-4511
1600 Tollhouse Road, Clovis, CA 93611-0532
Phone: 559-297-0706; Fax: 559-294-4809
E-mail: Mailroom R5
DEAN GOULD Forest Supervisor x4801
Barbara Fleming Executive Assistant x4801
Teri Dirvas Recreation, Lands, Wilderness x4923
Joe Reyes Fire Management Officer x4820
Rebecca Garcia Public Affairs and Planning x4804
Vacant Natural Resource x4950
Vacant Province Safety Manager x4981
Mary McDonough Civil Rights Officer x4880
Vacant Forest Engineer x4840
Vacant Budget Officer x4943
Jim Oftedal Central California Consortium x4962
Judith Tapia Acting Forest Planner x4938
Vacant Patrol Captain x4986
Ranger Districts
High Sierra
29688 Auberry Road/P.O. Box 559, Prather, CA, 93651-0559
Ray Porter District Ranger 559-855-5355, X3340
Bass Lake
57003 Road 225, North Fork, CA 93643-0747
Dave Martin District Ranger 559-877-2218, X3100
Six Rivers
1330 Bayshore Way, Eureka, CA 95501-3834
Phone: 707-442-1721; Fax: 707-442-9242
E-mail: Mailroom R5 Six
MERV GEORGE JR. Forest Supervisor 707-441-3534
Michael A. Green Deputy Forest Supervisor 707-441-3531
Leslie Courtright Executive Assistant 707-441-3517
Kathy Allen Equal Opportunity Manager 707-441-3557
Mike Minton Fire/MT Management 707-441-3535
Carolyn Cook Natural Resource Manager 707-441-3551
Vacant Rec/Engineering/lands & Mineras staff Officer
Vacant Fish/Hydro/Geo
Carol Spinos NEPA/Planning/GIS 707-441-3561
Sheree Lampley Administrative Operations Specialist 707-441-3539
Bridget Litten Public Affairs Officer 707-441-3673
Jennifer Dyer Heritage 707-441-3555
VACANT Tribal Relations 707-441-3580
Jeff Jones Vegetation Management 707-441-3553
Chad Krogstad SRF/SHF Patrol Captain 530-226-2591
Janet Boomgarden Agreements Northern California Acquistion Servce Area) 707-441-3556
Ranger Districts
Smith River NRA, Gasquet
10600 Highway 199,P.O. Box 228, Gasquet, CA 95543 707-457-3131
David Palmer District Ranger Fax: 707-457-3794
P.O. Box 410, Ishi Pishi Road, Orleans, CA 95556, Orleans, CA 95556-0410 530-627-3291
Nolan Colegrove District Ranger Fax: 530-627-3401
Lower Trinity
P.O. Box 68, State Highway 96, Willow Creek, CA 95573 530-629-2118
Nolan Colegrove District Ranger 530-627-3291
Vacant Deputy District Ranger Fax: 530-629-2102
Mad River
741 State Highway 36, Bridgeville, CA 95526 707-574-6233
Daniel Dill District Ranger Fax: 707-574-6273
19777 Greenley Road, Sonora, CA 95370-5909
Phone:209-532-3671; Fax: 209-533-1890
E-mail: Mailroom R5
Jeanne Higgins Forest Supervisor 209-532-3671 x232
Scott Tangenberg Deputy Forest Supervisor 209-532-3671 x232
Ann Denton Resource Management 209-532-3671 x332
Beth Martinez Public Service 209-532-3671 x321
Paul Boyea Chief Financial Officer 209-532-2671 x291
Wytosha S. Coney Forest Civil Rights Officer 209-532-3671 x263
Rebecca Garcia Public Affairs Officer 209-532-3671 x244
Heidi Rieck Patrol Captain 209-532-3671 x314
Ranger Districts
5519 Highway 4, Hathaway Pines, CA 95233-0500 209-795-1381
Teresa McClung District Ranger Fax: 209-795-6849
24545 Highway 120, Groveland, CA 95321-9704 209-962-7825
Jim Junette District Ranger Fax: 209-962-7412
P.O. Box 10024695 Highway 108Mi-Wuk VillageCA95346 209-586-3234
Fred Wong District Ranger Fax: 209-586-0643
#1 Pinecrest Lake Road, Pinecrest, CA 95364-9701 209-965-3434
Molly Fuller District Ranger Fax: 209-965-3372
631 Coyote Street, Nevada City, CA 95959-2250
Phone: 530-265-4531; Fax: 530-478-6109
E-mail: Mailroom R5
Eli Ilano Forest Supervisor 530-478-6200
Vacant Deputy Forest Supervisor 530-478-6201
Laura Blakemore Executive Assistant/FOIA Coordinator 530-478-6202
Dave Fournier Natural Resources 530-478-6238
Michael Woodbridge Public Affairs Officer 530-478-6205
Amber Waters Chief Financial Officer 530-478-6141
Rachelle (Shelly) Allen Fire Management Officer 530-478-6221
Mike Cruz Equal Opportunity Manager 530-587-3558
Terry Brennan Public Services Staff Officer 530-478-6180
Joseph Cook TNF/LTBMU Patrol Captain 530-906-2087
Ranger Districts
Yuba River
15924 Highway 49, Camptonville, CA 95922-9707 530-288-3231
Karen Hayden District Ranger Fax: 530-288-0727
American River
22830 Foresthill Road, Foresthill, CA 95631-9705 530-367-2224
Victor Lyon District Ranger Fax: 530-367-2992
P.O. Box 95, Sierraville, CA 96126-0095 530-994-3401
Quentin Youngblood District Ranger Fax: 530-994-3143
10811 Stockrest Springs Road, Truckee, CA 96161-2949 530-587-3558
Joanne Roubique District Ranger Fax: 530-587-6914
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
35 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150-4500
Phone: 530-543-2600; Fax: 530-543-2693
JEFF MARSOLAIS Forest Supervisor 530-543-2640
Vacant Deputy Forest Supervisor 530-543-2641
Melraine M. Johnson Executive Assistant 530-543-2773
Mike LeFevre Planning Staff Officer 530-543-2840
Barbara Drake Vegetation/Urban Lots/Fire/Fuels Staff Officer 530-543-2625
Joey Keely Ecosystem Conservation Staff Officer 530-543-2661
Vacant Publicand Legislative Affairs Officer 530-543-2608
Gina M. Thompson Public Services Staff Officer 530-543-2675
Michael Gabor Engineering Staff Officer 530-543-2642
Joe Cook LTBMU/TNF Patrol Captain 530-906-2087
Doris Blackmer Supervisory Administrative Officer 530-543-2787
Lisa Lynch Budget Officer 530-543-2744
Adrian Escobedo Civil Rights Officer 530-543-2758
Rich Kraushaar Safety Officer 530-543-2630